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The Dorothy Day Story Reflection. Religion & Theology Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


Write a well developed essay reflecting on the movie Entertaining Angels: The Dorothy Day Story. The essay should include some of the following points as well as your own personal reaction.
Identify reasons why Dorothy was arrested.
What scriptural parallels can you make to the movie?
React to how Dorothy raised her daughter Tamar
Cardinal Spellman says that Dorothy’s lifestyle and ministry was too challenging. Comment.
Comment on the statement Dorothy shared with Cardinal Spellman: “If you feed the poor, you’re a saint; if you ask why they are poor you are a communist.”
Early in the movie Dorothy says to Eugene O’Neil: “I have something to give, but I don’t know what it is—or to whom I’m supposed to give it! I want to live fully, to do something no one else has ever done before.” O’Neil responds: (paraphrasing) “Ah the transcendent hunger, the aching void—it can’t be filled.” React!
Through out the movie the point is made that that the poor are the meeting place for God. React!
Comment: Dorothy says to her colleagues: “God will not judge us on our success; rather he will judge us on our faithfulness.”
How is this story of redemption? Conversion?


The Dorothy Day Story
Student’s name
The Dorothy Day Story
Dorothy was incarcerated because of questioning the government. Dorothy, through her news coverage, questions strategies that were laid out by the administratiVE agencies and which didn't serve the interests of poor people. All through the film, Dorothy cuts across as a helpful individual. She would house, counsel, and feed poor people. Through such activities, there are scriptural equals that are in the Bible, especially in the New Testament, similar to when Jesus took care of the 5000 individuals and recuperated the debilitated. Jesus was demonstrating kindness to the less special individuals in the public eye, and Dorothy appeared to apply similar sacred texts like the ones in the Bible. Dorothy brought up her girl Tamar, in the correct manner (Roberts, 1982). A clear example is through baptism, which was setting her up for Christian life.

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