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City of Joy Documentary on netflix Psychology Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


The following questions must be answered.1. What is your opinion of the movie? 2. What did you learn? 3. Choose four people from the movie and describe three strenths each that you see in them. 4. Choose four people from the film and choose two roles each that they played and why you think they played those roles. 5. Choose two scenes that stood out to you and discuss why the stood out to you. 6. What is currently happening in the city of joy?


City of Joy Documentary: A Movie Review
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1 What is your opinion of the movie?
This exceptional documentary has exposed the violence incurred from tragedies that the women of the Democratic Republic of Congo have experienced. Using creativity and excellent recording skills and techniques, the documentary was able to capture all the aspects of the lives of the Congolese women from the inequalities that they were born with to their desire for love and the way they portray affection to other people in the community (Gavin & Luchak, 2016).
2 What did you learn?
The battle against inequality has long been argued throughout history. Although women were allowed to voice out their opinions to avail their rights, still, many women around the globe suffer from prejudices.

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