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Happiness: Why Are We Pursuing Our Happiness? (Movie Review Sample)


Please watch a video, and answer all of the questions, and then write commentary (around 250 words)

  1. Why are we pursuing our happiness?
  2. How many titles are there on Amazon books on happiness?
  3. What other ways are people trying to find happiness?
  4. What is the main problem? Re.: depression. Cite some data.
  5. What does Freud say about happiness? Summarize his idea briefly.
  6. What is negative bias?
  7. What is the formula for a happy marriage?
  8. What is Stress Response Overkill?
  9. Describe the new science of happiness.
  10. What are the 3 words with no English meaning? 

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1. People are pursuing happiness because it is what we are wired to do.
2. 2000
3. Medication
4. The main problem is depression and anxiety. Today, there are more cases of suicide than homicide in the USA.
5. It is a doomed quest.
6. Negative bias is thinking that even if there is the same amount of intensity, the negative nature has more impact.
7. “5 positive remarks, or interactions for each negative.”
8. Stress response overkill.
9. Happiness and unhappiness are not endpoints of a single continuum.
10. Fiero, schadenfreude, and naches.

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