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Watch : "The Healthcare Movie" (2012) Literature Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


Watch "The Healthcare Movie" (2012)
Answer the following questions thoroughly with 1-2 detailed paragraphs for each question.
Why did efforts to enact universal health care in the United States, in 1912 (Roosevelt), 1933 (FDR), 1945 (Truman), 1974 (Nixon), 1975 (Ford), 1977 (Carter), 1993 (Clinton), fail? What basic political themes were used to defeat efforts to enact universal healthcare in the U.S.?
Compared to Canadians, why do some U.S. citizens resist the idea that everyone should be provided healthcare, even if they are unemployed or disabled?
From a political perspective, why do you think that there is “no opposition of any kind” to universal health care in Canada? What is it about the politics and political culture of Canada that fosters universal acceptance of health care for all?
If private health insurers came to be replaced with a Medicare-for-all system in the United States, how would political resistance be expressed?
Do not include questions in paper. number them and answer the questions.


The Healthcare Movie
Institutional Affiliation:
The Healthcare Movie
The campaigners supporting healthcare insurance had an idea of ensuring that people easily and comfortably afforded the healthcare payments when in hospital. According to Bell (2018), the opposers invented a campaign strategy to poison the minds of the citizens, showing that the healthcare insurance the government planned introducing to people was a socialist idea. It is to be remembered that Americans hated socialist ideas, and the campaigners ensured the people had the wrong interpretation of the universal medicare to the citizens. This led to the failure of the enactment of the healthcare acts by presidents Roosevelt, Truman, Nixon, Ford, Carter, and Clinton, and its support dropped from 75% to 21%, despite the billions spent campaigning for it.
Canadians believed that they should all pay for their healthcare ins

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