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The Reflection Literature & Language Movie Review Essay (Movie Review Sample)


For details, please see the document I uploaded. This fable story can be read directly in the document I uploaded. Then Play's script link is also in the document. Please complete this work on time.


The Reflection
The Reflection
Looking at Wolf and Lamb and Lady Windermere’s Fan, one might be inclined to say that the two are not related in any way. However, upon further and deeper investigation, it is indeed possible to see several similarities between the story and the play. The characters display differing attributes but, in their differences, one can see or draw similarities between the two. In the Wolf and Lamb, the two characters are quite different but the Wolf is determined to maintain its image as the bully. However, the lamb in its meekness causes the wolf to stutter and to go beyond or do that which it is not used to. The ending, though, is still the same and as it always ends when the wolf and a lamb is involved. In the Lady Windermere’s Fan, the characters are also quite different but they seem united in their attributes and the things they care about. One thing that stands out is their obsession with keeping or maintaining appearances as well as maintaining the social expectations of the societal classes.

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