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"The Cove" 2009 Movie: Answers (Movie Review Sample)


Watch The Cove 2009 movie
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The Cove
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Answer 1
The cove is found in Taiji, Japan.
Answer 2
Rick O’Barry has been arrested so many times because the fishermen file bogus charges on him, claiming that he was trying to steal the park’s property.
Answer 3
The TV show titled Flipper got the world’s attention toward dolphins.
Answer 4
When Rick participates in Flipper, he observes that dolphins can recognize themselves and other dolphins, and this helps him figure out that dolphins are self-aware.
Answer 5
This is done to prevent the dolphins from getting an ulcer.
Answer 6
Dolphins are acoustic animals, meaning they use echolocation for communicating with each other.
Answer 7
Excessive noise is the main cause of death in captivity.
Answer 8
The fishermen make a big wall of boats, put down poles into the water and agitate dolphins, driving them into the cove.
Answer 9
The dolphins are first closed off in the cove so that they feel stress and do not try to escape.
Answer 10
She committed suicide, and the reason is said to be her restlessness.
Answer 11
The time is early mornings, and nearly 20,000 dolphins are slaughtered every year.
Answer 12
In some cultures, dolphins were protected in the past because

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