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The Prestige Movie Analysis, The Cinematic Direction (Movie Review Sample)


watch the movie "The Prestige" and write a evaluation essay of it. the essay must be 5 paragraphs and follow the format.


The Prestige Movie Analysis
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The Prestige Movie Analysis
This is an analysis of the Prestige movie and will be judged according to the cinematic direction and how the audiences were not speculating who the guilty one is. The movie has a way of tricking the audience so they will not really know the truth until the end.
The Prestige movie is good because the director practices cinematic misdirection, which is perfect for the plot. When the dueling magicians appeared, the movie was able to hide a secret in plain sight, and it was only revealed a few minutes before the movie ended. The purpose of this part is to distract the audience and keep them guessing to keep their interest in watching the entire film.
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Alfred Borden and his twin brother took turns to play the manservant and Borden. the Borden twins make a lot of effort to leave the twin's identity unrevealed so the stage trick remains believable. This point is based on the 1st reason because this is how they were able to trick the minds of the audience and think that it is only 1 person involved in the performance. This is a crucial part of the movie because their performance started all of the important events in the story. In movies, an element of surprise

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