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Movie Review Summary Literature & Language Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


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A. If reviewing a single video or article, give it between 2-3 pages (1.5 line-spacing, 10
point/pitch/letter size).
B. If reviewing a combination of films/articles in a single assignment folder, then the
total should be 5 pages minimum. In that case, you must divide the 5 pages according to
the number of review items. So, if two times, then 2.5 pages each; if 5 items, then 1 pages
each—and so on.
Begin each film review by:
1. Telling the reader what is the subject matter of the video/article and a summary of the
2. Then give an account of the positive aspects of it (expressiveness, clarity, staying on
the subject, usefulness, etc),
3. Another account on the negative aspects (too confusing, too fast, too technical, too
distracting, the style of presentation, etc, but NOT the cinematography. Some
documentaries are nearly 100 years old. Naturally they will be black & white, and
4. Follow this by another account explaining how helpful the film/article is to you to
better learn the course subject matter.
5. The last section should be your personal opinion: did you like it or not and why?
Do ask me if you have any other questions of if this is not clear enough to you.
Otherwise, follow the instructions closely


Movie Review
Due Date
Movie Review
The video details the European scramble and partition of Africa and how the colonialists veiling their intentions as introducing civility to the continent have exploited it for the better part of the 20th century. The content is mainly anchored on how the existent problems facing Africa can be traced to the precolonial and colonial period which is the better part of the 21st century. It also describes how eventually the European powers lost their foothold in Africa and though they granted the continent independence, they set it up for failure for failing to leave strong institutions to govern itself. In the aftermath of colonization and through the period of decolonization, the video also describes how external forces continued shackling the African continent with each entity trying to exploit the continent to its advantage. It also details how the US also entered the scramble for Africa though its objectives were mainly ideologically-motivated in a bid to ensure that the continent did not ally with the Soviets during the cold war. The video also explains why the post-colonial Africa was marred by political instability notably many coups and how the nationalist movement that had led the continent to independence were rendered ineffective in leading Africa to prosperity. Finally, the video also details how European powers and the united states have continued to exploit African resources mostly illegally citing that the resources that have been illegally taken out of Africa can wipe the entire African foreign debt. The west and lately the Chinese have continued to fleece African out of her resources to the detriment of its people. However, it ends on a conciliatory note that a new wave of African leadership that seems to be sealing the loopholes that the external forces have used to continue exploiting the continent.

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