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Movie : Power To Heal Literature & Language Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


Watch film: Power to Heal.
Answer questions that are included in the attachment.
do not include questions. state the number and then continue with answering question thoroughly. Each question should be at least 2 paragraphs long.


Power to Heal Discussion questions HS 103 Answer the following questions in one to two thoughtful, well-written paragraphs per question for a total of two to four pages of your own work. Please number your answers and do NOT include the text of the question or this paragraph in your assignment as TurnItIn is activated. Your similarity score needs to be at 15% or lower. APA formatting is expected (12 point font, Times New Roman, double spaced, cover page, etc.). Full rubric posted with the assignment listing on Canvas. Reminder: this document is the intellectual property of the instructor and may not be shared. 1) The documentary stated that "living separate but equal" made many individuals sicker than others in the first place. In what ways was this true? Use examples from the video. 2) Segregation in healthcare is described in the film as a form of institutional racism. Define institutional racism. What examples do you still see forms of institutional racism happening in our health systems today? 3) Do you think that the federal withholding of Medicare funds was the best way to get hospitals to be in compliance with the new laws? Why or why not? 4) Do you believe healthcare desegregation would have happened differently if President Johnson didn't have the passage of Medicare as one of his primary policy priorities? 5) Hospitals resisting change is not an uncommon theme. Can you describe another period of time when people had a difficult time adjusting to large, systemic change as it related to healthcare? Be specific and detailed in your answers.


Movie Review
Question 1
In the documentary "Power to heal" it is stated that "living separate but equal" is a statement that has made a lot of people sicker than others in the first. Through this statement, it is evident that there is discrimination in the American Healthcare system. According to the documentary, black medical leaders had formed a civil movement to end federal subsidization of discrimination in the form of Medicare payments to the healthcare organizations. Before the establishment of Medicare, some races could not access healthcare services (Smith, 2016). For example, less than half of the hospitals in America attended to white and black patients equally. Additionally, a third of these hospitals could not admit African Americans even for emergencies. However, with the use of Medicare, the federal government ended the practice of discrimination and racism against patients, doctors, and medical staff. This documentary shows how the federal government has made efforts to ensure there is a great measure of justice for everyone including the rich and the poor.

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