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'Life of Pi' by Ang Lee 2012 Literature & Language Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


Watch the movie 'Life of Pi' which directed by Ang Lee in 2012, write analysis in 1000 words including 8 references (APA).
Use the following questions as a guide in analysis:
1. Identify how many acts are in your film: three, four or more.
2. How would you describe the narrative structure of your film overall: linear, circular, forking, open-ended?
3. Depending on your film’s narrative structure you might address some or all of the questions below:
1. In terms of rising action, climax, and falling action, describe the structure of the plot, stating when the action stops rising and reaches a climax and begins to fall.
2. The middle of the plot often presents ascending difficulties, referred to as complications, which increase the tension and the need for a resolution. Describe one of the film’s complications and show how it serves to push the characters toward more intense action.
3. What is the moment of climax, the moment of highest tension in your film? What is the key moment in the narrative, the scene which brings illumination or an “ah-ha” moment?
4. The narrative's denouement usually establishes a sense of stability. What instability is there early in the plot that is resolved and becomes stable by the end? What happens in the final section of the film?


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People tend to be astonished by death-defying experiences. This them dumbfounded by the movie, Life of Pi. This film utilizes a circular narrative method where the story goes on, then goes back to where it began, and its conclusion ties the remaining pieces of the story together. A circular narrative provides a closure through a return to the opening material.
The story started gives us a hint on how the storytelling will pursue, but little did we know that this story will prosper. The setting was in Piscine Patel's house, the primary character of the movie, who began telling his own story to a man who asked for his help concerning spiritual beliefs and the confusion on whose God shall he follow. After hearing that question, he initiated narrating his own complex story when he was still a teenage boy who adored exploration to its brink.

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