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Critical Reflection Assignment 2: The Films Black Girl Directed By Ousmane Sembène (Movie Review Sample)


Black Girl / 60min
I am not Your Negro / 95min
Reflect critically on the films watched in class (prior to this reflection) using the given readings, lectures and in-class discussions to aid your analysis. Your response should articulate the issues, contexts and themes, films/readings/class discussions bring up, and also discuss how you relate to these issues.
Your critical reflection should include:
• A suitable title for the response_ last name in the subject line.
• What is the central arguments made by the film(s) and texts(s) you have studied?
• What social/cultural/political/historical issues and events (if any)are brought into focus by the films watched? 
• What themes emerge from these films and texts with regard to social justice, gender/race/nation or global issues in the materials studied?
• How do you connect to these issues/themes and how do the films and readings help you understand them better (or not)? 
• End your reflection with a central question that you would like to explore in relation to the content/themes discussed in class.
• Cite works addressed (films and readings) at the end of the response. (Excluded from Word count)


Critical Reflection Assignment 2
Critical Reflection Assignment 2
The films Black Girl directed by Ousmane Sembène and I am not Your Negro directed by Raoul Peck gift one with 60 and 90 minutes of deeply researched and objectively presented social issues. One of the major issues that both movies present or touch is the growing and ever-present disparity between the blacks and whites. For instance, in the Black Girl, one gets to see a young girl whose relationship with her employers is suddenly changed simply because they have moved from Senegal to France. While in the midst of their fellow white men and women, her employers decide to assume their sole position on how they see and view Africans. Peck, on the other hand, is not shy to present Baldwin's ideas and sentiments about the issue of race and white supremacy. He goes further into issues of civil rights and through Baldwin's work mentions instances, such as the harassment of Dorothy Counts and the sight of southern boys taunting and screeching at a young woman. The films help to remind the viewer that issues of race are indeed here with us, but there is always a way regardless of the injustice.
A close examination of the films reveals their touch or focus on some of the controversial social, cultural, political, and historical issues. In the Black Girl film, one issue that is apparent is the need for the white man to be seen as the head. Before Diouana moved to France, she was considered a nursery maid, but the relationship with her employer changes after they move to France. People li

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