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Film Analysis on Farewell My Concubine. Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


Your final paper must follow the following format: Font 12, times new roman, double
spaced and should be 10 to 12 pages (or around 2,800 words) long not counting bibliography.
Your final paper must include a bibliography and follow the MLA or APA style handbook (5 %
of the grade). Use your computer to check the grammar and spelling (10 % of the grade). You
must use at least 10 bibliographical sources (4 books, 4 articles and 2 internet).
Screening: Farewell My Concubine《霸王别姬》(1993), Chen, Kaige.


Film Analysis: Farewell My Concubine
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Film Analysis on Farewell My Concubine
           The Chinese film, “Farewell My Concubine”, which is based on Lilian Lee’s novel bearing the same title, is an Oscar-nominated, award-winning film released in 1993 celebrating the Chinese culture and the portrayal of actors participating in the famous Peking Opera during different historical times. This film spans for 2 hours and 37 minutes, directed by Kaige Chen, starring Fengyi Zhang, Leslie Cheung, and Li Gong.   
           The film was banned by the Chinese government due to the homosexual theme present with the character of Die Yi, one of the film’s protagonists. After the banning of this film in Mainland China, it eventually was shown after a few months due to the outcry of foreign countries where the film was shown (Lin, 2018). It was shown in the theaters again but with cut scenes of around 14 minutes from its original length, as decided by the government. This was done so because, during those years, queerness or homosexuality was seen as a criminal violation and a mental illness that needed psychiatric aid. Suicide was also seen in various parts of the film, but the government found it offensive when suicide was done even after the time of the Cultural Revolution which was believed to be the time where the leaders are already in action. In addition to homosexuality and suicide, it was also seen as a taboo film due to the connection that it had with the Cultural Revolution. 

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