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The Early Years: Human Health And Development (Movie Review Sample)


Write approximately 150 words and 200 response. The format is written according to i give to you.


Movie Review
Movie Review
Ever wondered how or why you turned out the way you turned out? Well if you have or have not, there could be an explanation at least according to an ongoing study done since 1972. In a clip titled The Early Years found on the TVO website, a deep elucidation of how and why people end up the way they do is offered. As per the clip, people do not change when they grow up and they do not develop new habits and behaviors when they are adults. Apparently, every trait exhibited by an adult develops from an early age. The clip is trying to make the point that a person’s future, wealth, health as well as happiness can be predicted based on the way one is as a child. The above claim is tied or founded or based on the 1972 study known as Dunedin which is still ongoing that involves 1037 people. As per the clip, the Dunedin study not only “measures multiple aspects of human health and development” but also seeks to investigate the subjects’ relationships, personal lives, etc. So far, the study has led to the publication of 1500 papers which cover “virtually every aspect of human health and behavior.” The study has undeniably managed to add valuable knowledge which can be used to aid man as he furthers his study on himself.
To understand life and to be in a position to predict and tell what will happen in the future, mankind needs to understand how he develops or changes with time. The clip makes the above point clear. By answering questions like what causes asthma, why teenagers become

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