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China: Power and Prosperity Literature & Language Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


Hi, this is a film review, the following are the requirements for this article. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thanks!
China: Power and Prosperity
Provide 2-page review of major arguments, portrayals, and conclusions made in the film. The review should address the following questions.
1. According to the documentary, what are some of the cultural messages that China is promotng thorugh its film “wolf warrior”?
2. According to one person interviewed, how has the issue of “corruption” become a politicized (politically-motivated) issue in China?
3. The documentary discueses controversies and debates over China’s policies in key areas: Belt and Road Initaitve, Information/Datebase Tecnology, Xinjiang Province, Corona Virus
Pick two topics/themes and compare some of the reasons(two or three) why some of the interviewed are critical of China’s policy, and some of the reasons (two or three) why some of the interviewed are supportive of China’s policy over these two topics.
4. What is your personal impression of the documentary (quality? message? objectivity?)
China: Power and Prosperity Video link:


Power and Prosperity
Institution/ Affiliation
Power and prosperity
From military, technology, trade, and diplomacy, among other aspects, the relationship between the two largest economies in the world – is traversing a strange terrain. In the present day, confrontations between China and the United States have arguably reached the most critical levels since they normalized diplomatic relations more than forty years ago. Essentially, the relationship is moving from strategic partners to competitors. The current covid-19 pandemic has escalated the divisions between two states, with the United States, accusing China of failing to take responsibility.
Although China's dramatic rise has been a concern during Obama and Bush administrations, the Trump administration has hammered the longstanding, bipartisan consensus on the United States policy towards China. As coined by Mike Pompeo, the Trump administration has consistently accused China of championing a plan that seeks to shape a world adversative to United States interests and personal prosperity values. According to the administration, China seeks to dislodge the United States in the Indo-pacific region, Africa, and South America by expanding its driven economic model and technological expertise to reorder the regions to its favor.

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