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Beasts of the Southern Wild: Black Strength (Movie Review Sample)


Reflect critically on the excerpts from the film, "Beasts of the Southern Wild." Please submit your journal entry of at least 200-250 words. The entry is due prior to class on Thursday.


Beasts of the Southern Wild: Black Strength and courage to survive
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The aspect that this paper chose to focus on in this film is the five-year old's African American young Hushpuppy's strength to survive in a harsh world. Hushpuppy represents many African American children who come from immensely challenging family backgrounds and have to be brave to ensure that they survive. For instance, Hushpuppy's mother is dead, and she only has her father who is an alcoholic and is torn between joyful hope and pained anger. In most African American films, single mothers are the ones, who take care of their childr

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