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Write A Review Of The Film 13th, Directed By AVA Du Vernay (Movie Review Sample)


Write a review of the film 13th, directed by AVA Du Vernay.
What was the film about?
Was it Bias (I think it was)
Can racism be fixed, couple of examples what we as a society could do to fix it.

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Movie Review of the 13th
13TH is a 2016 documentary film that was directed by Ava DuVerney. The movie challenges the ideas that you hold as a citizen of the United States about the intersection of race, justice and mass incarceration. The film gets its title after the Thirteenth Amendment that was done to the Constitution of the United States which saw the freeing of slaves and prohibition of slavery as a punishment for crime. The amendment was enacted on January 31st, 1865. The movie’s cast is made up of eminent scholars, politicians, activists, historians and the other prominent people such as Angela Davis, Bryan Stevenson, Van Jones, New Gingrich, Cory Booker and the others.
The movie expounds to the historical issues and movements that left the Southern Blacks with little chances of improving their lives. The laws might have changed but the attitudes and the various social practices of the people did not change. In the first 30 minutes, the film captures D.W Griffith’s 1915 "The Birth of a Nation", the Southern states which were mostly made of the Black people. The Southern States criminalized minor offenses by arresting the freedmen and then exposing them to forced labor in circumstances when they could not have the ability to pay fines. Most of the blacks were marginalized across the South by the turn of the 20th Century by excluding them from the political system, and even they were lynched by the white mobs.
In a very devastating footage, Ava DuVerney reminds us how the murderers of the 15-year old child by the name Emmet Till escaped justice and ho...
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