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Review of industrial revolution. History Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


Review of Industrial Revolution 


Review of Industrial Revolution
Review of Industrial Revolution
The subject matter of the video is the emergence of the Industrial revolution and how it changed ordinary life. The video starts by describing that before the Industrial Revolution, people lived in rural areas with small farms where they grew the little food they needed for survival. One of the most common activities before the Industrial Revolution was making cloth by hand in what is known as “domestic” or “cottage industries” (United Learning Website, n.d.). The use of hand and a simple mechanical tool called the spinning wheel meant that making a piece of cloth took a long time. The Industrial Revolution first started with machines called spinning jerry and water frame that eliminated the use of cottage industries and later the development of the spinning mule was so efficient that one person could do the work of 3,000 hand-spinners. Further, the video explains that in the late 1700s and early 1800s, factories grew where complex machines were operated by people in the manufacture of goods. 

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