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Prepare Review of French Revolution Two Videos (Movie Review Sample)


there are two videos needed to be reviewed. two videos are in this website:


Review of French Revolution Two Videos
The French Revolution - Part 1
1 The subject matter of the video and a summary of the content.
The film details how the French revolution started and how it progressed to the time Louis XVII acknowledged that France was no longer a monarchy. It details how the revolution started and through some of the characters like Necker who through their roles in the film, highlight the economic issues that plagued the country such as debt. The film captures the early days of the revolution showing how the leadership overlooked the income inequalities and privileges bestowed on the clergy, nobilities, and monarchy which burdened on the poor. The administrative structure which was rigged against the majority poor in representation is also accurately portrayed. The main things which triggered the revolution are well explicated. The system was rigged against the commoner especially regarding policymaking on tax-related issues. Series of the poor decisions by the administration led to the revolution, and the film shows how the events unfolded until the monarchy was ousted by the people. The film ends when the king and his family is forcefully pushed from his house to appear before the national assembly. He acknowledges that it was the end of his leadership and his life was in the hands of the people.
2 Account of the positive aspects
The film is very chronological and expressive of how the events happened. It is also clearly shown how the events led to subsequent events till when the monarchy was ousted. The producer was very accurate in the way he presented the history such that it could be understood by anyone who sought to understand the French revolution. The film can be used as a historical learning material for the student because it is very clear, accurate and unbiased account of how the French revolution happened.
3. Account of the negative aspects
There are few things which can be faulted over how the content was presented in the film. First, the acting was very poor, especially in violent scenes. The acting around these scenes is not believable. Some of the actors seemed to ‘die’ without even being struck by anything, and it is portrayed as if an enemy killed them. Some died instantaneously from shots or wounds to non-vital organs such as the legs or shoulders. Secondly, the film included unimportant scenes which featured unimportant content relevant to the wedding such as lengthy wedding ceremony which had no direct significance to the revolution. Such scenes ought to have been truncated as they added unnecessary length to the film. Additionally, the film was very long, and some of the content could be left out and still be an accurate representation of the events that led to the revolution.
4. How this account is helpful in learning the course subject matter.
This film helps a person understand the French revolution better up to the point where the monarchy was ousted. The conversations and speeches which are featured in the essay help the viewer to understand the course of the revolution. The actions of the monarchy, the clergy, and the nobles shed light on why the commoners resisted the system and yearned for a change. Each of the conversations showed how the revolution progressed and what was the reaction and or position of different people throughout the film. In the end, the film might have added some content or imagined a few things about the period it was representing, but they all help the viewer to understand the revolution. Thus, the content employs different tactics which contextualize the revolution and make it more understandable. Therefore, it ma

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