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Re-inventing Japan History Movie Review Research Paper (Movie Review Sample)


Re-inventing Japan: DVD 2535 Link: https://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=LK738CDh21g
Re-inventing Japan Review:
Provide 2 page review of major arguments, portrayals, and conclusions made in the film. The review should address the following questions.
1. In the documentary, how did the US try to change Japanese culture and society while occupying Japan?
2. Over time, how did US policy in Japan change? “Reversing” the early occupation policies?
3. According to those interviewed, how did the Korean War have both “positive” and “negative” impact on Japan?
4. What is your personal impression of the film (quality, message)? How successful do you think the US was in transforming Japan?


Re-Inventing Japan Movie Review
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Re-Inventing Japan Movie Review
How the U.S. tried to change Japanese culture and society while occupying Japan
The movie depicts the post-war era of occupation of Japan by Allied forces with their representative nation, U.S. while picturizing the first phase of Japan rebuilding by America, the significant social and cultural changes grab attention with a realistic appeal. The occupying forces punished the defeated country by disarming the nation and dismantling the Army forces to root out patriotism. Apart from land reforms, MacArthur’s policies to tear apart the huge Japanese commercial conglomerates to construct a free market system and reformed economy are vital highlights. The other social and cultural changes portrayed in the documentary include demoting the emperor’s prestige to that of a leader without administrative power and adding more influence to the parliamentary system (Century, 2016). Besides, the rebuilding of Japan in the movie illustrates enhanced privileges and rights for women (Century, 2016). Although the history of Japan marks significant Changes by U.S occupation since 1945, the demilitarization is the most dominant change theme in the movie.
Change of the US Policy in Japan
The documentary also portrays the “reverse course”, which covers the rise of an economic calamity in occupied Japan together with apprehensions about the blowout of communism flashing a re-evaluation of occupation policies. The period prominently marks one year from 1947 to 1948, but, somehow, lasted till 1952. The audience can get insight into the economic reintegration of Japan taking centre phase through the movie. SCAP

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