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Movie Review
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Discussion History Movie Review Research Coursework (Movie Review Sample)


L14 Sara Baartman Discussion
12 12 个未读答复。 12 12 个答复。
12 12 unread replies. 12 12 responses.
To complete this discussion:
Read the articles on Michelle Obama, Serena Williams, and Caster Semenya.
Watch the Life and Times of Sarah Baartman documentary.
Write a reflection of 1000-1500 words on the similarities and/or differences in the manner in which Sarah Baartman, Michelle Obama, Caster Semenya, and Serena Williams have been described/talked about in public space.
This initial post is due Sunday, 11:59 PM EST
This forum is set to "post first" meaning that you will not see any activity from your classmates until you post your reflection.

Following the initial due date, you are required to post one reply of 200-250 words to a classmate's comment.
You must critically evaluate your classmate's post.
To evaluate your classmates, you may want to comment on:
Something new you have learned from your classmate
The organization of their argument
What crucial points may be missing in their argument
What you like or dislike about their argument
This post is due the FOLLOWING Tuesday, 11:59 PM EST

Please note that you are required to have at least two sources with APA citation style given in-text (within your discussion), plus full citations at the bottom of your posted discussion. You are free to cite any other sources, including the sources assigned for this assignment readings. You will lose points if you do not follow the APA citation style.

Your submission will be graded based on criteria found in the rubric. It gives the specific grading criteria in order to be as fair and objective as possible. Therefore, you should follow the rubric very closely.
To see the Discussion Rubric, go to: Options icon > Show Rubric.


Movie Review
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Movie Review.
Black women have been described as promiscuous. Most times, this permitted their discrimination. Statistics show that black women mostly suffer from much anxiety compared to other women. Jones and Norwood (2016) posit that society portrays her as a strong black woman or an angry black woman. Though a strong black woman is legendary, she has to persevere. She stops at nothing even when her mental or physical health is at risk. The angry black woman often expresses her anxieties, some of which come as a result of her gender and race (Jones & Norwood, 2016). This paper evaluates the similarities and differences in the manner in which Sarah Baartman, Michelle Obama, Caster Semenya, and Serena Williams are viewed in the public space.
Sarah Baartman, nicknamed as Hottentot Venus, was moved from her home country in South Africa to England and used as a spectacle for pleasing white masters. According to Lyons (2018), because of her excess fatty tissue, she was mocked and teased by white men and women. Her excess tissue came as a result of steatopygia, which made her have much fat around her waist and buttocks. After arriving in England, Baartman was displayed at various exhibitions, where her curves were displayed in scanty outfits (Lyons, 2018). She received unfair treatment, discriminated, and oppressed. Despite arraigning this matter in court, the court ruled in favor of William Dunlop.

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