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As the Band Played On. Define HIV&AIDs. How is the disease diagnosed? (Movie Review Sample)


The Movie: As the Band Played on highlights the origin of HIV/AIDs. Please write a 2 page typed, double space paper (use APA 7ed format). Please include a cover and reference page.
1. Define HIV and AIDs, how is the disease diagnosed? (use textbook) 2points
2. What are the clinical manifestation of the AIDs? (use textbook) 1 point
3. In the movie - what role did the CDC play in investigating HIV/AIDs? 1 point
4. Identify the ethical issues highlighted in the movie? 1 point
5. How was the population of HIV/AIDs patients treated in the movie? 1 point
6. How were resources/funding allocated to promote research on HIV/AIDS? 1 point
7. Explain how the movie impacted you personally? 2 points (make it up)
8. APA format with reference page (movie and textbook) 1 point
-give more info on heavier weighted items
-textbook is Medical-Surgical Nursing: Assessment and Management of Clinical Problems, 11th ed, Lewis/ Bucher/Heitkemper/Harding/Kwong/Roberts


As the Band Played On
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As the Band Played On
Define HIV and AIDs. How is the disease diagnosed? 
HIV is a ribonucleic acid (RNA) virus that attacks cells that assist the body to fight infections, rendering the victims vulnerable to opportunistic diseases and infections. It is considered retrovirus because of its replicating nature that occurs in a backward manner. Similar to all viruses, the replication of HIV only takes place inside a living cell, primarily the CD4 cell. The entry of HIV into the CD4 cell occurs by binding itself to the protein receptors that are located on the outside of the cell (Harding et al., 2020). The prolonged effects of HIV in the body result in severe loss of cellular immunity, which lowers the body’s resistance to malignancy and infection, causing AIDs. In particular, HIV causes AIDs if it does not receive proper medical attention in its early stages. The diagnosis of the disease is made by conducting tests to determine the presence of HIV antibodies and/or antigens. 

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