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The Rain Man Movie Review and Analysis Assignment Paper (Movie Review Sample)


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the movie title is "Ran man "
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Institutional Affiliation:
The Rain Man Analysis
In the movie the rain man, Tom Cruise plays the role of Charlie Babbit, s self-centered individual who invests his energy and time in a car business. Charlie’s relationship as depicted in the movie ended on a sad note, with this leading to a broken communication between the two for several years. Years later, Charlie discovers that his father had passed on, with his will leaving Charlie a car. On the other hand, Charlie establishes that his father left an exorbitant amount of money to an anonymous individual he had no idea about.
Charlie decides to find the unknown hair of his father’s will in a bid to recover what he believes rightfully belongs to him, an aspect that brings him to the realization that the money was left to an individual named Raymond. On finding Raymond, who at the time was institutionalized, Charlie realizes that he is his brother. In a state of confusion as to why his brother is institutionalized, Charlie discovers that his brother Raymond is not only mentally disabled as he assumed but has a disorder that is more complicated since Raymond suffered from autism savant. This paper seeks to conduct an analysis of the movie the rain man.
History of the Clients Illness in the Movie
In the movie, Raymond is diagnosed as having autism savant. As established in the DSM checklist, there are several characteristics determined that match Raymond’s disorder. The DSM checklist is categorized into three classes, all containing four characteristics that describe Raymond’s impairment. In the first class, Raymond’s condition represents his impairment in social interactions (Mannix, 2016).
In this case, it is essential to consider that the client portrayed three to four characteristics, with the most prominent being in the fact that his disorder entailed a series of nonverbal behaviors. Raymond was not in a position to face anyone in the eyes and would slouch down when spoken to or within a conversation (Mannix, 2016). On the other hand, the client did not like any physical contacts especially when his brother Charlie tried to hug him. The patient also tensed up when meeting new people and never wanted to act as if anyone was speaking to him.
Other Mental Illness/Mental Health Issues
The second class of Raymond’s condition is depicted as impairment in communication, as this is evident in Raymond throughout the movie. Raymond would have trouble in conversations, and when spoken to, he would respond by providing short answers. In addition to this, the patient would never begin a conversation with others and would not want to be around other people (Elder, When he turned nervous, he would resort to talking about baseball statistics every time and used a series of repetitive phrases in the movie.
The third class entailed a restricted repetitive pattern of activities, interests, and behaviors. Raymond is depicted in the moving as possessing different traits towards such patterns. First and foremost, he is described in the movie as a lover of numbers and memorizing materials (Elder, Raymond is seen memorizing phone books and with the ability to recall an individual’s number to Charlie. Besides this, the patient is portrayed as an adherent to routines and rituals since each day he would feed on the same meal and conduct each task ...
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