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Movie Crissis Paper on "Django" (Movie Review Sample)


The following direction were given in the syllabus for this paper:
1. Who is in crisis ( maybe more than 1, but primary 1)
2. The course of the crisis
3. Apply crisis intervention model
4. Identify potential resources needed
5. Discuss the person's attempt of coping with the crisis (whether effective or not)
6. Identify a list of potential issues that the person might need to address if reffered for counseling

Movie Crisis Paper on "Django"
Course title:
Django is a 2012 film who main stars were Jamie Fox, Samuel L. Jackson and Leonardo Dicaprio. The full title of the movie is Django Unchained and was produced by Quentin Tarantino. Upon its release, the film elicited different reactions with criticisms and appreciation alike. The discussion herein is a crisis paper on the film seeking to get into the great depths of the movie. Although the area and environment in which the film is done is meant to entertain, serious underlying issues have been brought out. One issue is the aspect of racism and discrimination of on society by another. The oppression of the black people during the slave trade era is replayed in more than once scene bringing back memories that are best buried and forgotten.
Who is in Crisis?
Sitting through the movie, it merges that more than one character are battling with the crisis that they face. Although there are various forms of crisis, the main one that is evident is the racism occasioned by slavery. The main people in the storyline of the film are Django who is a black and a slave who, together with his wife was sold meets Dr. Schultz a German. They are very different in that Django is black and Schultz is white. However, they both have an agenda and they may have to work together for each to realize their goals. Both parties herein are in crisis in that ordinarily, the two would not associate based on their different races. However, circumstances and desperation have brought them tighter and they both have to deal with that crisis.
Besides the crisis in the film, there is the crisis and controversy surrounding the film (Roberts, 2014). There are viewers who have been critical of the movie arguing that it seemingly is one that ridicules the hardships suffered by the black people in America. The inclusion of humor in a film that depicts brutal treatment of the black people during the slavery era has not gone down well with some people. They feel that this movie is a direct insult to the black community in America. It has been said to be in bad taste. The producers and directors of this film have found themselves in a crisis as they seek to explain their agenda. However, the directors and producers of the film have come to their own defense arguing that it necessary to tell the history of America and that the subject of slavery cannot be ignored.
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