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Information About The Child And Learning Center (Movie Review Sample)


Writer hello this assignment requires recording an observation and recording in running record and anecdotal observation. You can google to see what running record and anecdotal observation is. I have included our rubric for marking for easy understanding.


Observation Portfolio
Author Name
University Name
Part 1 - Conducting Your Observation:
A. Anecdotal Observation
Information about the Child and Learning Center
The video I have selected for the anecdotal observation is titled Draco and Friends Playing with Lego. In this video, it is clearly shown that Draco and his friends are playing with Lego and having a great time together. The place of learning is a preschool classroom, and the teacher can be seen helping students learn different things excitingly and comprehensively.
Observed Event and Behaviors
Draco, as well as his students, show a positive behavior and revolve around their reading tables all the time. The little child greets his friends and tries to help them join their blocks together. At the same time, he keeps working on his own blocks and intends to join them together prior to his mates. At a point, the child’s blocks drop down to the ground, and he begins shouting in confusion. At a glimpse, we feel that he will start crying, but the teacher comes forward and helps him collect those blocks instantly, making Draco happy and satisfied.
B. Running Record
Ages of Children and Location
In the video titled Draco and Friends at a Restaurant, the child, and his friends can be seen having lunch together. They might have been brought to the school cafeteria by their own teacher, and all of the children age from 3 to 5. The purpose of this video is to highlight how children are taught the names of different vegetables and encouraged to spend quality time with each other outside the classroom.
First of all, Draco and his three other friends are provided with artificial vegetables and asked to recognize their colors and names. Draco picks up the veggies of choice and identifies their colors and names. The very next moment, a few more children join their group. A pot of artificial flowers is placed right in the middle of the table to create a refreshing and calm environment for the little ones. Not only this but also the children are provided with some toy phones, and it looks like the teacher is interested in teaching them how to communicate with someone on a smartphone. By the end of the video, all children stand up and begin wandering here and there.
Draco and his friends lift, pull and throw the artificial vegetables and other items present in the room. They use simple language to communicate with each other, and their voices get louder in uncertain situations. Amazingly, all of the children manage to resolve their issue instantly, and this shows how well-developed their minds are (Elicker & Barbour, 2012).
Part 2 – Preparing a Profile:
These three screenshots have been taken from the video titled Devin and Draco Going Fishing.
Social/Emotional Development in Children
In this particular screenshot, the emotional and social development of the two children has been shown. The way they interact with each other and their teacher indicates that they have developed a strong relationship with each other.
Language and Literacy
Language and literacy go side-by-side in all learning environments (Lundeen, 2004). From this screenshot, it is evident that the two children are using a simple language to communicate with each other. The

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