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Report. Exploring the Work of the Yes Men. Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


Exploring the work of the Yes Men
As you watch the film, please answer the following questions. Each answer should be approximately 3-6 sentences.
1. In The Interventionists, Nato Thompson makes the case that contemporary cultural movements and art practices are guided by an interventionist understanding of the role of artists and cultural work. “Interventionists,” according to Thompson, use a “motley assemblage of methods” and tactics in order to reach audiences beyond art galleries, “plac[ing] their work into the heart of the political situation itself” rather than simply commenting on it from the “outside.”
How do the two “public” members of The Yes Men conceptualize their own forms of “interventionist” art practice? What are their aims? What are they against?
2. Name two specific methods or tactics The Yes Men use that you find particularly compelling or noteworthy.
3. The Yes Men do not say that their approach to political and social problems is the only one; in fact, in one interview, they say that their “role is a tiny one in [an] overall movement, [in which] people are engaged in thousands of other approaches to the issues.” Do you see this as an argument for the role of cultural work in collective transformation? How would you connect this to other conceptions of “political art” and the role of artists / cultural workers that we examined and read this quarter? Be specific.
4. What (else) did you learn or find interesting about the film and their work?


Exploring the Work of the Yes Men
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Exploring the Work of the Yes Men
Conceptualization of Interventionism
The Yes Men film has a specific form of interventionist that the characters practice, which is creating an illusion of being unstoppable that they use to confront leaders who are not responsible enough. Also, anarchistic interventionists are individuals who advocate for collective ownership of property as a means of production, and the characters in The Yes Men manage to support this principle while criticizing the leaders who do not value the voice of their followers (Svec, 2019). 

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