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Early Films: A Review (Communications & Media Movie Review) (Movie Review Sample)


Write one weekly discussion post
Early Cinema


Charles Musser, “When Did Cinema Become Cinema? - UB Learns

Thomas Gunning, "The Cinema of Attractions" Excerpt - UB Learns

Viewings (Please watch one film from each filmmaker, explore and browse. Consider your initial responses on the films)

Post 3 Due Wednesday 11:59 pm

Early Cinema - Links from films from the 1890s by Méliès films, a few Lumiere brothers and Edison films with summaries:

Link: https://film(dot)avclub(dot)com/the-10-best-films-of-the-1890s-1798234254

Edison -


Digital Archive or Youtube Links:

https://archive(dot)org/details/ThomasA.EdisonFilms -



https://archive(dot)org/details/EdisonMotionPicturesCollectionPartThree19021922 - these three togther contain all of Edison’s films

Muybridge -

Digital Archive or Youtube Links:

https://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=IEqccPhsqgA - The Horse in Motion; first example of chronophotography, which was important to the development of motion pictures

https://www(dot)loc(dot)gov/search/?fa=contributor:muybridge,+eadweard - All Muybridge’s works that are available online from the Library of Congress. Includes some single images as well as his series that show motion

https://www(dot)eadweardmuybridge(dot)co(dot)uk/muybridge_image_and_context/ - Archive of Muybridge’s photography (including series showing motion), with context provided

https://www(dot)flickr(dot)com/photos/library_of_congress/sets/72157643408814004/ - collection of “Animal Locomotion” image sets

Lumiere Brothers -

Article : https://www(dot)nationalgeographic(dot)com/history/magazine/2019/01-02/creation-of-the-motion-picture-lumiere-brothers/

Digital Archive or Youtube Links:

https://archive(dot)org/details/EarlyLumieryFilms - a few different films in one video

https://archive(dot)org/details/AugusteLouisLumiereDemolitionDunMur1896Xvid/Auguste+%26+Louis+Lumi%C3%A8re++Enfants+annamites+ramassant+des+sap%C3%A8ques+devant+la+pagode+des+dames+(1900).avi - a few different films in one video

https://archive(dot)org/details/FilmsLumiere1#:~:text=%20Les%20Films%20des%20Lumi%C3%A9re%20%28part%201%29%20,serpentine%20%5B765%5D%203%20Partie%20d%27%C3%A9cart%C3%A9%20%5B73%5D%20More%20, https://archive(dot)org/details/FilmsLumiere2 -


Early Films: A Review
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Early Films: A Review
It is enthralling to watch early works of film. They show how the first filmmakers involved themselves with their new-found invention. To them, it most likely seemed like a pass time. But, today, it is the foundation of the largest percentage of media. Discussed below is a review of a collection of films from Edison, Muybridge, and the Lumiere Brothers.
Part one of Edison’s film collection provides a rough view of how filmmaking began. The individuals in the films are seen repeating actions over and over again. In the first two short films, i

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