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Depiction Analysis. Communications & Media Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


 i really like what you written last time. this time you are going to write an essay about original program depiction analysis. it's kind same with last one, but just different topic. you can pick any epsoid of 2020 new program to write for this essay, also a commercial.
the epsoid should about a hour lone, or two half hour epsoid. for specific requirement, you should read the file which I attached. that file is very important and helpful. Be sure to discuss depictions of race and gender, as well as sexuality/sexual orientation/identity.
you may need some background knowledge or research about those area. if you have any question please let me know. thank you so much!


Depiction Analysis
Student Name
Institution Analysis
Racial inequality in the US is quite evident with persons from minority groups continuously discriminated by their white counterparts. They have been sidelined from most of the powerful and leadership positions in the country in what has been labelled as white privilege. As such, the group which predominantly comprises of African Americans and Hispanics has been forced to live under deplorable conditions. They live in poverty-stricken neighborhoods where sleeping hungry is the least of their worries because of rampant levels of crime and drugs and substance abuse. The other significant issue in the US is gender disparity with men in society treating women as inferior beings who should play supporting roles in their lives. Women and particularly those from minority groups have to go great lengths not only to have their voices heard but also just to be recognized. Last but not least, matters pertaining to sexuality and members of the LGBTQ community are still contentious. Individuals who associate as LGBTQ have not been fully embraced in the American society and in some cases face discrimination even from their families and friends. Over the years, movie directors and producers have been phenomenal in addressing these issues in their films in efforts to elicit debates that would bring them to an end. Most recently, the All American series has been instrumental in touching on matters associated to racism, gender inequality and sexuality in the US. The essay purports to examine episode 3 of season 1 of All American and highlighted on the themes of racism, gender and homophobia.

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