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Xerox Video (Movie Review Sample)

You will watch the first 9 minutes of a speech that Xerox Chairman and CEO Anne Mulcahy gave to Stanford MBAs in December, 2004. You will be given 10-15 minutes to answer the following questions after watching the presentation. Please take notes when necessary. 1. What were the major factors that led to Xerox' financial trouble before Anne Mulcahy was appointed CEO? 2. What were the three major strategies Anne Mulcahy implemented to advance Xerox's turnaround? 3. What measures did Anne Mulcahy use as indicators of her turnaround plan's success? The video clip can be watched on Youtube at http://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=Q_hRTyllwC4 i will provide you with a templete that you can use.. source..

Oral information
BSBA 5.2 Oral Information:
Know how to effectively acquire information from face-to-face communication for problem solving and decision-making.
Xerox Video analysis assignment:
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* If you want to list any additional number of answers for each question, feel free to do so as well
1. What were the major factors that led to Xerox` financial trouble before Anne Mulcahy was appointed CEO?
The first problem to hit Xerox was the technology change that took it by surprise. This is common with technology firms given the speed at which technology becomes obsolete.
The competition at the time was stiff; this further pushed the company down. Xerox did not soak up the technology changes as first while other companies took this chance to shine. This led to incriminating competition on the part of Xerox, and it ended up being overtaken much smaller companies at the time. Japanese rival like Canon, brought to the market, midrange and high-end copiers from their new line. This ate away at the market share of Xerox leading to sales slump of their printing systems.
At this point, the company registered low profits and was forced to announce this decline, the market shares plummeted without protection by the company that was clearly overwhelmed. The situation became worse as an economic crisis that hit the world market. The dollar and the European currencies lost their strength, further shrinking the company`s revenue.
In a bid to recover from the losses, Xerox did a massive restructuring at the cooperate level and the sales department. This led to chaos by centers that w...
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