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Outsourced: Cross-cultural Conflict, Shock, And Adjustment (Movie Review Sample)


You are expected to analyze the movie “OUTSOURCED” in reference to the themes we have discussed in class and see what you can learn about the challenges of being a manager, learning about people in organizations, and understanding human and cultural differences. In a brief write-up (2-3 pages), answer the following questions:

  1. Did Todd manage his situation well?  What choices did he make? What were some of his early mistakes? What other choices could he have made? What assumptions and misconceptions were he made about his new environment and the people working under him?  Give specific examples.
  2. When did he have a “breakthrough” – i.e. when did he start to change or adapt his managing style?  How did Todd learn from his employees/surroundings? Give specific examples.
  3. In this class, we have discussed different theories of culture, in particular, those by Hofstede and Trompenaars.  Which aspects of these theories do you think are most important for Todd’s situation?  How might Todd have been more successful if he had known about these theories prior to starting work in India?
  4. Compare Todd’s experience of India to Mr. Misal’s in the article “India’s future in a self-made man”.   Do they seem compatible?   Why or why not?  What lessons would you draw from each of their experiences?
  5. What do you think of Todd’s decision at the end of the movie?  Is it the right one?  Why?
  6. What influence do you think the arrival of Western Novelty has on India? Do you think the corporate decision at the end of the movie is the correct one?   Why or why not?`
  7. A key environmental challenge is the amount of increasing technology and globalization that has led to the outsourcing of many jobs and tasks across all industries.  What insights do you have now, after viewing this film, on these phenomena?  How do these changes affect the workplace? Personally, what do you feel you need to be prepared for as a future manager given the kinds of global, cultural, and technological issues that are presented in this film?

Outsourced case review
Outsourced is a story about a manager of a Seattle based customer call center for American novelty products whose entire office is outsourced to India. Todd is forced to train his replacement in India to ensure a smooth transition. The film helps in understanding global realities like cross-cultural conflict, shock, and adjustment. The differences between American culture and Indian culture leaves Todd with culture shock which is manifested both mentally and physically. As he gets accustomed to the new environment and new people he starts to adjust to the new culture.
On arrival in India, Todd is very irritated with everything. His primary concern was to improve the workers minutes-per-call rating and to get back to America. But with time he accepts his new circumstances and the new culture and makes adjustments that profit him and the personnel at the call center. Todd makes a mistake of eating street food which in turn makes him have intestinal pain. He initially assumed that the employees at the call center have to speak and act like Americans for them to be effective. This is seen where he tries to teach them the pronunciation of Chicago.
Todd started to change and adapt his managing style when he met a fellow American Larry Pine on an impulsive trip to McDonald. He was advised that resisting India makes things difficult but once one gives in then it is much easier. Initially Todd does not comprehend the emphasis on family ties and social responsibilities exhibited by Indians. This is wh

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