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Documentary review Business & Marketing Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


Watch the documentary "The Great Hack" on Netflix.
Based on your viewing of the documentary, and your own research, answer the following questions(appro 600 words)
Question 1) What do you understand about the use of predictive analytics and behavioral psychology in digital marketing?
Question 2) What are some examples/applications of such predictive analytics that marketers could or are currently engaging in?


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Documentary Review: The Great Hack
1 What do you understand about the use of predictive analytics and behavioural psychology in digital marketing?
Predictive analytics is widely utilized in the field of digital marketing due to its tremendous benefits and minimal risks. It applies a method by which resource allocation becomes optimized to improve the number of positive outcomes. The history, algorithms, data, and machine learning are the essential aspects of predictive analytics to provide an excellent assessment before launching a particular product or service (Ogunleye).
Behavioural psychology is a vital aspect of predictive analytics. This serves as the backbone of this method. Matz et al. state that behavioural psychology is guided by persuasive mass communication that encourages different groups in the web community by stimulating the people’s motivations by matching their needs and wants with what they see on the screen.

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