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communicaiton in cross culture management (Movie Review Sample)

Watch the movie and write a reflection based on your understanding. I will upload a file, please include something from my lecture notes source..
A movie review on "secrets of body language" movie Student`s Name: Instructor`s Name: Course Name: Course Code: School Name: Due Date: A review of the movie In November 13, 1973, journalists grill president Nixon about his wealth in a conference filled with reporters. He effortlessly tries to answer all the questions correctly, but, his body language gives him away. "Secrets of sign language movie" is more of a documentary than a movie. The movie explores the secret messages behind every body movement that public figures make. Experts in communication dissect to us the body, face and the voice of various public figures to reveal the hidden secret meanings. The movie explains to us that what people say is not as important and that 7% of human communication is the words while 93% is the body language. Experts take a look at world leaders like American President Obama, Bush, Clinton, Winston Churchill, sports stars, and celebrities. These body language experts read the celebrities` body language, showing us their true intentions. Experts try to read the body movements in their speed of walking, hand shake, sitting positions and many others. The movie also explains to us how to separate the truth from the lies looking at the body languages of people. Body language will also enable a person distinguish a good from a bad salesman. It explains in details the various facial expressions that are found in any culture of the world. Generally the movie tries to educate the audience on the importance of reading the body language. We see this when police officers use body language to spot criminals. The movie is a must see for everyone. It is set in many different locations, giving the movie great scenery. The narrator and the communication experts are so clear in their explanations making the audience easily understand the signs of bod...
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