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"Barbarians at the Gate" movie report.Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


Question 1: What is the funniest part of the movie?
Question 2: Who are the main players in the acquisition? And who are the barbarians?
Question 3: Is the acquisition a friendly one? Will you call the acquisition a vertical merger? If not, what type of acquisition is this?
Question 4: Who was the winner in the bidding process? Typically, the highest bidder wins. What happened in the acquisition as per the movie?
Question 5: Was the movie relevant to the class notes? What suggestions would you give to the barbarians, if any?


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The 1993 television movie Barbarians at the Gate is a book adaption of the book Barbarians at the Gate The fall: of RJR Nabisco by Burrough and Helyar (Burrough & Helyar, 2009), tackled the leveraged buyout (LBO) of RJR Nabisco. From a boy who started as a door-to-door salesman, F. Ross Johnson eventually succeeded and became a multi-millionaire. The movie showed his endeavor to make the biggest takeover in corporate history. However, at the turn of events, he did not win the bid and failed to maintain his position on the company. Not only did he had learned his lesson but as well American businesses who piled up nearly one trillion of debt at the end of the 1980s. The same book became the best-selling business book that is relevant up until today and became the fundamental basis for the crucial decision-making in many businesses.

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