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Watch "The Brain-What Makes Me" And Answer Questions (Movie Review Sample)


Watch "The Brain-What makes Me " and answer the following question in detail using examples from the film.
(writing just a few words or very short sentences will not earn you full credit)
The questions are in the file.


The Brain-What makes Me
Student’s Name
The Brain-What makes Me
1 While most animals are born with brains already developed for the world, human babies arrive being helpless. When human babies are born, their brains are unfinished. However, life experiences wire up the brain so that human beings can adapt easily to different conditions.
2 The secret behind the flexibility of young brains lies in the way the cells are connected. As the baby grows, the neurons connect more rapidly forming millions of connections every second.
3 The brain requires experiences in order to grow properly. As such, the young brain needs love, stimulation, and touch for proper growth. When a child is neglected and deprived of human contact, the brain experiences a stunted growth.
4 The way teenagers see the world is as a result of a changing brain. The activity around the medial prefrontal cortex area of the brain rises as one grows and peaks when one is around 15 years old. At this age, social situations carry high emotional weight, and that explains the behavior of teenagers.
5 Neuroplasticity is the reshaping of the brain anatomy in order to match the task at hand. Experiences and activities such as learning a musical instrument can alter the brain.
6 Memory is a constant that links all human experiences together. It gives the lives of humans a narrative. They are made from the brain states of a bygone time. Memories are vulnerable and fade because the brain only has a finite number of neurons that get used for other memories with time. Memories can also be distorted and false ones created.
7 As the brain ages, it becomes susceptible...
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