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ENG 1010 Movie Review Assignment: What The Health? (Movie Review Sample)


I have written the review of my own analysis of the film's argument and how the appeals contribute to its construction. I need another two pages of analyze how two published reviews represent the film. I will give you a picture of the requirement two pages of analyze. Please follow the format of the picture to write the analyze. 
This is the requirement of the homework. Every documentary makes an argument, whether implicitly or explicitly, and attempts to persuade you to believe in a particular position. Does, for instance, the film score use romantically melodious violins or head jarring percussion (pathos)? If so, when and why? Are well-known authorities stating their views (ethos)? Does the film use significant amounts of data or facts (logos)? Is the script emotionally manipulative, informative, or argumentative? Which of the three appeals does the filmmaker use most often and why? Pay close attention to the filmmaker's assumptions and methods of presentation.The Process: At the outset, try and understand as fully as possible what the film is trying to say. Consider both the direct message it is sending and the image it is trying to create. Try to watch the film carefully several times.Ask yourself the following:
-What are its central themes?
-What is its central conflict?
-What is at risk and what creates the tension in the film?
-Is the narrative chronological and sequential or does the timeframe shift from past to present?
-How does each of these filmmaking techniques contribute to the film's argument or become part of the pathos, ethos or logos used in the film?
Consider also the sound track, cinematography & lighting, the historical background, the film's organization and character development. 
The assignment: Your task is twofold. 1-You will write your own analysis of the film's argument and how the appeals contribute to its construction, and 2- you will also analyze how two published reviews represent the film.
Although you must be knowledgeable about the film, your essay should balance your interpretation and analysis with the media sources' depiction of the film, its themes and artistic techniques. Weave together your analysis of the film and compare or contrast your analysis with that of your sources. You may take a stance about the film or the essays, but you must support any stance you take with evidence from the film and the texts.
Locate two reviews of the film you've selected. You must select articles from the following types of sources: 1) a reputable film review online source 2) an article from a foreign newspaper or magazine and 3) an article from a U.S. magazine or newspaper.
Your essay will be more interesting if you seek sources that take varied, perhaps even extreme, stances. In other words, don't just use the first sources you find if they all take similar positions. In this essay, you will also argue which of the selected sources most effectively and convincingly argues its points. Of course, you must support your position. You do not have to agree with the author's biases or even to like the article in question to argue that it succeeds as a piece of rhetoric.
Remember to analyze both the film and the articles. Don't get caught up in arguing for or against the film's ideas. You are focusing on the effectiveness of the argument. Even as you argue (in third person) which author creates the strongest argument, you are not making a personal statement, but a claim based upon evidence from the text. You may need to use the rhetorical modes such as definition, compare/contrast, classification/division, cause/effect, exemplification and illustration to make your points clear. You will definitely be addressing the presence of pathos, ethos and logos in the film and in the reviews.
Create a Works Cited page with at least four (4) entries (including primary sources like the film itself) and secondary sources (like the reviews). Do not include tertiary sources (like encyclopedias). This must be in alphabetical order and in correct MLA format. See PerdueOWL for style guidance.
Format: MLA Guidelines: typed Formal Outline, Formal Paper, Works Cited Page Double spaced, 8 1⁄2 x 11 white paper, 1" margins 4-5 pages


What the Health
(Student's name)
Visual and Performing Arts
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What the Health
This is a sensational documentary on Netflix that just came out, and it has gotten the attention of people to discuss about becoming a vegan. In the sense of a lot of documentaries and books on dieting that existed before, the film says that there are no other ways to eat healthy. This involves removing all the animal products that people consume. The poultry, fish, meat, and dairy products are making people fat, that gives type-2 diabetes and cancer, while filling bodies with poisonous toxins.
During the opening of the film, Kip Anderson is described as someone who is recovering from hypochondria (Mattinson, 2017). The tone of the movie is dramatic and there is music playing in the background while scenes of animal agriculture are being shown, and as the video focuses mostly on overweight people. When there is a discussion of the vegan diet, upbeat music is played, while explains the benefits. The film is positive only towards vegan diet and there is an expert on the panel who says that moderation is not an option. In addition, the tactic of the people is to scare viewers so i

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