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TED Talk Response Visual & Performing Arts Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


1. Watch one of the 4 following TED talks.
a. Embrace the Remix: https://www(dot)ted(dot)com/talks/kirby_ferguson_embrace_the_remix?language=en
b. How art, technology and design inform creative leaders: https://www(dot)ted(dot)com/talks/john_maeda_how_art_technology_and_design_inform_creative_leaders
c. Creative houses from reclaimed stuff: https://www(dot)ted(dot)com/talks/dan_phillips_creative_houses_from_reclaimed_stuff?language=en
d. Ways of seeing: https://www(dot)ted(dot)com/talks/rob_forbes_ways_of_seeing
2. Respond to the following questions about the video of your choice:
Title of the Talk
Name of Speaker
What was the main point of the speech?
What are two specific things your learned from this speech?
What is something the speaker does either well or poorly?
What is something the speaker talked about that you can apply to your field of study?
If you could ask the speaker one question about their presentation, what would you ask and why?
3. Be sureto write* a total word count between 300-500 words.
4. Upload a PDF of your response to Blackboard before the due date and time. Emailed assignments will not be


Creative Houses from Reclaimed Stuff-Dan Phillips: Review
Student’s Name:
Unit Name & Number:
Date of Submission:
Creative Houses from Reclaimed Stuff-Dan Phillips: Review
The Talk’s title is “Creative houses from reclaimed stuff” delivered by Dan Phillips, a designer, and builder of affordable houses from reclaimed and recycled materials. As the Talk indicates, his goal is to divert waste from a landfill while, concurrently, providing sustainable and inexpensive housing for people. The houses are energy-efficient, relatively cheap, and satisfying to build - and wildly, effervescently creative. He can use any material regarded as a reject as long as he has enough multiples to create a pattern that adds an artistic flair.
Among his main points is to embrace your individuality without succumbing to societal pressures, which, according to him, is among the significant causes of waste. For every perception that humans have, it needs to tally with the one before to ensure continuity. However, creating patterns ensures that the expectations we have in place of continuity are met, thus creating a new expectation. That, in turn, makes sure that there is minimal waste in the building industry because what would otherwise be considered rejected gets repurposed. Quoting Friedrich Nietzsche’s “The birth of tragedy” (1885), he urges people to take that Dionysian perspective to life where they do not seek crisp, pre-meditated, and perfect designs such as the apollonian pers

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