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The Founder: The Success of McDonald's Restaurants (Movie Review Sample)


This essay assignment is based on a movie named "The Founder". You can purchase the movie on YouTube at this link: https://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=N_t5PGSJD9o The essay should focus on the business implications of the story. Here is a part of the business scene from the movie as an example: https://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=u35dOEOOSBU You are encouraged to explore more business scenes in the movie and capture as many details as possible. Your essay should especially focus on the movie's implications for entry mode and business ethics. The essay should be within 5-10 pages long, font 12 Times New Roman, double space, with one inch on the left and right page margin respectively. You should cite all references following APA format. Check for originality and grammar before you submit your essay. Violation of originality criteria and/or too many grammar mistakes will significantly affect your grade.


Movie Review
Every great story has humble beginnings. Every legend has a start. The stories of success, in any field, are usually supposed to be an inspiration for anyone. It is worth noting that while the results are great or successful, the people behind such are in no way different. They are just ordinary human beings who opt to do things in an extraordinary manner. They tend to take the things that are assumed to be routine, as a serious proposition in attaining their ultimate goals. Eventually, what unfolds thereafter leaves a trail of excellence and example to others. This paper analyzes the movie The Founder, and dissects it to identify the important lessons that can be drawn from it.
In the movie the Founder, a story is narrated on how the MacDonald's fast food restaurants came to top the list as one of the best restaurants in the world. It is a story of how bad and good capitalism can fuse into one success story. Ray Kroc is a businessman who was involved in selling milkshake mixers for the brand of Prince Castle. The business was not doing very well, but at one particular time, he received a milkshake mixer order which surprised him. Some had requested for eight mixers, and it was very unusual for such a thing to happen. Due to his curiosity, Ray took a trip to San Bernardino where the order had come from and that marked the beginning of his new business life.
On his visit to the restaurant, he was able to meet the two brothers who were Dick and Maurice who were the owners of the MacDonald's restaurant. The two brothers were more than willing to share their story with Ray, and that to an extent opened his eyes as far as business is concerned. One particular thing that got the attention of Ray was the manner in which the company was run efficiently with every worker being conversant with the area in which they were good at and giving it their best. Additionally, Ray was also able to note that all the activities carried out in the restaurant were fast, and none of the customers were delayed as they waited for their order to be completed and that was one factor that attracted large numbers of clients. Business is a very tricky venture for any individual to get in to but being persistent and giving the best without compromising on quality is the most paramount factors to consider if the business is to be a success.
The Success of MacDonald's Restaurants
As the conversation between Ray and the two brothers continued, he came up a suggestion on the need to franchise the restaurant the brother's however responded by saying that it is a move they had tried, but it was faced with a handful of challenges. Poor quality standards among others led to the failure of the venture. Ray was not convinced that enough was done to franchise the restaurant and for that reason, he requested the brothers to allow him to continue with the efforts to franchise the restaurant. Through a written document the brothers gave him the approval to go on with the activity. At first, Ray had the idea of starting a business which would attract the rich people in the society of Illinois, but it was not easy as problems similar to those that had faced the two brothers arose.
For that reason, Ray changed his mind and set up a business targeting the middle-class individuals and this time it was a success. New restaurants began opening in different areas, and they were able to capture the attention of many customers due to the exceptional services being offered. Ray had successfully taken the idea from the two brothers, and he had a mission to improve on what he had seen work so efficiently. At no time was the quality of food offered in the restaurant comprised. He and his workers adhered stri...

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