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Saturday Night Fever 3-2-1 Forum Visual Arts Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


Watch Saturday Night Fever
Read this week's article "Gender and Class Mobility in Saturday Night Fever and Flashdance" by Chris Jordan.
Watch this week's Lecture
Open a new document on your computer
Write a response to the following prompts:
- Outline 3 ways that the key themes for the unit - discrimination, gender, heteronormativity - function in Saturday Night Fever
- State 2 things you found interesting in the reading “Gender and Class Mobility in Saturday Night Fever and Flashdance" by Chris Jordan.
- Describe 1 dance scene from the film that illustrates one or more of the key themes
Because this course about dance, plz not only write about movie and reading but also write some things about dance.


Saturday Night Fever 3-2-1 Forum
Saturday Night Fever 3-2-1 Forum
The movie “Saturday night fever,” has dark scenes, some of the dominant themes such as discrimination, gender, and heteronormativity are depicted in various ways.
* Discrimination- Tony’s dad despises and criticizes him since he has not gone to college and earns very little from the hardware. His dad reminds him of how desperate he is, overlooking his talent in dancing.
* Gender- Men are depicted as losers and quitters while women seem to be hardworking and have been put on a pedestal. This is evident from the association of men with jobs of low-class nature in the movie. Moreover, Stephanie is as well described as a good dancer but the movie focuses more on Tony.
* Heteronormativity- Relationships in the movie have a conventional theme of sexuality where sex and love only happen between people of the same sex. Disco music originated from the

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