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Reflection of The Artist is Present: Marina Abramovic (Movie Review Sample)


Watch the video Marina Abramovic The artist is Present(2012) Duration of one and a half hours Youtube Can be found Reflection Claim: That is: one carefully written paragraph. One paragraph = One idea. Organize your thoughts about a film along the lines of one clear claim. Feel free to compare/contrast two or more works, if you prefer. Cite at least one external text (e.g., Villarejo, or Bordwell, or other) in the midst of your paragraph.


In Marina Abramovic’s the artist is present (2012), attendees and guests sit silently watching her previous performances and observing Abramovic. The documentary film explores what is art and the place of an audience in artistic performance.  The message in the film is that performers should not be afraid to take a risk as this can be more touching to people. The film chronicles Abramovic’s life including her life with Ulay a fellow artist who was less prominent before and after they broke up and her art in the 1970’s and 1980’s (Abramovic et al., 2012).   While the film looks at different periods of the artist’s life, she has a creative passion than even if people simply stayed silent watching her work there is a sense that she explores the idea that art is not necessarily beautiful. When compared to her earlier work her latest art is less provocative.

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