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On The Bride’s Side: Refugee Crisis Facing Europe (Movie Review Sample)


Movie: On the Bride's Side
Final Essays
You need to submit a minimum of 1500 word, maximum of 2000 word essay at the end of each of the three units. You will not lose or gain points for writing more or less, as long as your submission stays within 1500-2000 words. You can score a maximum of 20 points for your final essay.
• 1500-2000 words, Times New Roman 12 pt
• Works cited at the end of your essay. (Not included in Word count.)
• Use any citation style (MLA/APA) as long as it is consistent.
Assignment Prompt: Analyze one film from the given unit in detail, using at least two of the mandatory readings from the unit. The reading provides a theoretical context for your analysis. Use them as a lens to analyze the film. Choose a combination of one film and readings that enable you to present an argument that addresses a thematic aspect of the course in a meaningful way. Your overall argument should examine how specific aspects of the film or texts intersect with course themes that could include ethnicity, gender, sexuality, class, race, otherness, refugeeism, and other structures of identity. How can this film be seen in the context of theoretical concepts on (im)migration, refugees, multiculturalism, the diasporic, transnational, intercultural for example? In each of the three essays, try to cover different themes/keywords/issues/ that you have engaged within the course, to demonstrate your range of expanding knowledge of concepts, terminology, and understanding of the subject. In your analysis, you may consider social, political, cultural, historical, technological, environmental and/or economic contexts to enable a deeper discussion on the film as a cultural text. Is there a way of relating the local or national context of the film to the global or vice versa? A personal voice and style are encouraged, however, ensure a balanced approach to the study, avoiding personal bias as far as possible.


On the Bride's Side
On the Bride's Side
Gabriele Del Grande, Antonio Augugliaro, and Khaled Soliman Al Nassiry document the proactive measure that should be taken by other Europeans in tackling the refugee crisis facing the region in the film, On the Bride's Side (Mancuso, 2017). In an area that is marred with indecisiveness, division, and bureaucracies in dealing or attending to the plight of the refugees, the three friends take it upon themselves to make a difference by putting their freedoms on the line. In a region with strict immigration laws that make it difficult for refugees to gain asylum in most European countries, the three individuals risk it all to make sure five Palestinians and Syrians make it to Sweden from Milan in Italy. On the Bride's Side, highlights the inept ability of human beings to relate to one another above and against all the social, political, and economic constructions that often define individuals within the society. The three Italians rally their friends who come from different countries of origin and uniting with the refugees, foster a plan which eventually achieves their goal. The film analyses various issues emerging from the refugee crisis facing Europe from the perspective of both the refugees and Europeans themselves.
Civil wars in various parts of the Middle East have created one of the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. The Syrian war has left hundreds of thousands dead with millions more injured and displaced from their homes (Serrano, 2017). A country like Yemen had to face an outbreak of cholera on top of the civil war that is tearing the impoverished country apart. Political instability and intolerance between Israel and the Palestinians adds to the list of reasons or cause for the great rift that currently exists in the European region. The uncertainty created by the civil unrest witnessed in the countries highlighted and the region at large is a cause for the massive influx of refugees into the European region as asylum seekers. The untold sufferings of individuals from these countries drive their unwavering commitment to survive harsh or even dangerous conditions have a second chance in achieving their dreams. The five Palestinian and Syrian refugees in this film are no different from any other people as they all have different ambitions and dreams in life. Manar who is the youngest of the five, for instance, is a rapper whose flashbacks depict the hardships faced by children from the war-torn regions in the Middle East (Mancuso, 2017). Another colleague of his is an English literature student and thus representing a group of individuals diverse in their ambitions but united by their unfortunate status, asylum seekers or refugees for that matter. The status shared among the five becomes their source of identity in which they find solace and purpose as all endeavor to realize a common goal of reaching a more accommodating Sweden.
Gabriele and friends also share in the common goal of the refugees under their watch and promise of safe delivery to Stockholm. The three alongside with the friends they mobilize have in one way or the other experienced what the refugees undergo when their countries are at war. All the members of the group associate themselves with the plight of the refugees and thus forging an identity of defiance under which they resolve to follow their mission to the end (Serrano, 2017). A sense of responsibility towards the refugee forces or instead compels the group to unite under one goal irrespective of the harsh repercussions facing them if the border authority would make them out. Harboring illegal migrants or aiding them to cross-border attracts a sentence of 15 years in prison for the Italians if caught. The national identity of the three individuals and the friends mobilize...

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