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Lord of the Flies Production Review (Movie Review Sample)


Review papers will be written in essay form. You must write one paragraph each about 10 different aspects of the production, in the order you found them most effective to least effective. Each of the 10 paragraphs is worth 1 point of your score. You choose what these 10 topics are, based on your own opinions. The other 5 points are awarded on clarity of language and completeness of your opinions supported by specific examples.

Each of your 10 paragraphs must include your opinion, supported by at least one specific example supporting your opinion.

You must write exactly 2 reviews throughout the semester.

You cannot write a review about a production you didn't see entirely.

Each review must be written “from scratch”. Reusing any words, even from your own previous papers, will be considered plagiarism. You will automatically fail the course if you use material other than original and from your own brain.
Each paper must be a minimum of 750 words. Shorter papers will not receive full credit.


Lord of the Flies Production Review
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Lord of the Flies Production Review
Insofar as the production of the movie is concerned, the most important aspect is arguably the subtext of the movie and the different messages it communicates to the audience. Having been based on a novel, the movie makes a spirited attempt to embody the themes and values represented in the book, which it manages to do in a unique way. While the movie engages the audience consistently from start to finish, it is also worth noting that this engagement is also slightly detached, allowing audiences to momentarily ponder on the themes and topics that the movie is addressing, such as during the conflict scene between Jack and Ralph over the conch and the unity of the group.
Another core production element that makes this movie a success is the deliberate and calculated use of dialogue in the movie to not only expose the true nature of the characters but also to provide exposition throughout the movie using the narrator. The dialogue is filled with emotion and passion from all characters, which further underscores the desperate situation in which the boys find themselves. The dialogue is used to highlight the subtext while still expertly navigating the plot of the movie without distracting the audience, which is a hallmark of thoughtful production.
It is also worth noting that the characters in the movie are well thought-out and rounded. This is especially the case for the main characters such as Ralph, Jack, Piggy, and Simon. For instance, Ralph and Jack exhibit traits of bravery, courage, and conviction, as well as vengefulness, anger, and desire for power. These traits humanize the characters, and their performance and dialogue bring out said traits both boldly and subtly as the movie progresses without cluttering the characters' traits and actions. This underscores strong production skills.
In addition to the above, the production team succeeded in finding a suitable location for the movie. The choice of location, a deserted island, not only paid homage to the book but also set the stage for the story

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