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Critical Review of Lost in Translation Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


Workshop 6: The Final Essay
Your essay should be 3-5 pages long 12 point font, double spaced.
Remember that your essay should use 1-2 methodological approaches and should include some
outside research.(Please go though the write spotlight1-6 and note1-6 before begin this assignment)
You must cite any outside sources you use in the essay.
What should the essay include?
1. A strong thesis.
2. A clear methodology used to approach the essay.
3. Outside research (at least 2 sources)
4. Textual evidence (including description of narrative, character, mise-en-scene, cinematography, and editing).
5. Proper terminology.


Film Critical Review
Film Critical Review
Lost in Translation is a romantic comedy drama film that is American, which was directed by Sofia Coppola. In the film Bob, a fifty-five-year-old and a famous actor is seen to come to Tokyo, where he has planned to shoot for a commercial worth $2 million. It is in Tokyo, where he meets with Charlotte, a twenty-five-year-old in an elevator. The two are seen to share moments of bliss relative to the experiences that they have in their marriages. They both are struggling in their marriage, as their partners are not emotionally supportive (Rebecca, 2015). It is from the challenges they face with their partners, they find themselves drifting towards one another as they are able to connect emotionally. In the film Sofia is seen to amplify the element of loneliness for the two parties and an element of balance that the director tries to bring out to the audience (Renee, 2017).
There are some evident shots that the director uses to bring out the element of being lonely. One of the scenes that brings out the element of loneliness is where Bill Murray is seen to whisper inaudibly to Scarlett Johannsson (Renee, 2017). This creates the element of being alone. Even when he whispers within close quarters, the Scarlett does not get his advances. Whispering in a room where the two would have the chance to listen to one another further creates the element of distance. Instead of normally talking even with low tones, the speaker in the case as the director brings out the theme of distance between the two (Rebecca, 2015). Whispering is used to create the illusion of distance between the two and this is countered with the fact that the listener in this case does not get the chance to hear when spoken to.
The director is also seen to use cinematography to create the build on the theme of loneliness and isolation. In the film, wide shots are used to create isolation in the environment that the characters find themselves as they wallow in the fact that their partners are not as supportive leaving them feeling lonely(Renee, 2017). Using wide shots, the director is able to bring the theme of loneliness; in that he shows the characters using very tiny spaces on the screen, while there are vast amounts of space all around them. As such the characters are seen as tiny objects in a vast amount of space. Other than the fact that space is a common element used by the director to show how lonely the

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