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Critical Response to Do the Right Thing (Movie Review Sample)


Please write a critical response to Do the Right Thing by Spike Lee
Please talk about the transformation of Sal's character
1. Introduce/Summarize. Demonstrate careful viewing and understanding of the assigned film by providing key contextual details about its production and distribution, and by concisely summarizing its main themes, concerns, and stylistic features.P
2. Analyze. Closely examine just one element of the film using illustrative examples or—in the case of script analysis—direct quotes that you fully contextualize and analyze. Remember that there are many potential elements besides the script to analyze in a film, including the scenic design, the sound design, the costume design, the lighting design, the cinematography, the editing, the actors' performances, and so on. If you've studied film in previous classes and know filmmaking terminology, you're welcome to use it, but what's most important is that you're able to analyze the film in your own words.
3. Respond. Share your opinion of the film, based on your own subjective viewing, and reflect on the relative effectiveness of the artist’s aesthetic choices in conveying ideas, telling a story, and/or evoking an atmosphere. If the film reminded you of material you'd previously encountered—including course readings or other films—or in some way spoke to your personal experience, you're welcome to draw connections to these. You're also welcome to include relevant details or quotes from the supplemental interviews/articles assigned with the films. Just be careful not to spin off on a tangent that pulls too much focus away from the film, which is the subject of your response.


Critical Response: Do the Right Thing
Critical Response: Do The Right Thing
The 1989 Universal Picture’s film Do the Right Thing directed by Spike Lee presents a unique perception of the social issues of race and ethnicity in the American community. The movie builds around a certain block or black neighborhood, which is characterized by people from all walks of life. The director casts himself in the film with more attention on the interactions between Sal, one of the primary characters, his sons, Mookie, and other characters posing as customers to the Sal’s Pizza Parlor. The opening scenes of the movie showcase Sal’s arrival with his two sons to open up the business after which the pizza delivery boy Mookie shows up for work CITATION Spi89 \l 1033 (Lee, 1989). Sal has a special relationship with both Mookie and the entire neighborhood courtesy of his pizza business, both of which thrive on the strictly business ideology. The weaker ties existing between the Italian entrepreneur and his black neighborhood come to hurt his business as the underlying racial tensions between the two parties come alive in the unfolding events. The director takes the audience through the existence and development of racial tension in the African American neighborhood by focusing on the different interactions and integration among the cast as the movie unfolds.
The peaceful coexistence between Sal and the entire neighborhood comes to a stop following a heated argument with Buggin Out and Radio Raheem about putting up posters of African Americans on the wal

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