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Movie Review: Chicago (2002) (Movie Review Sample)

Need to write a paper about the movie and to describe the music in the movie. source..
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The movie “Chicago” is based on a choirgirl by the name Roxie Hart who murders her unfaithful secret lover, and is subsequently imprisoned for the same. Another lady in the movie Velma Kelly is also put in prison for killing her husband after catching him red handed committing adultery with his sister. Velma appears to be enjoying popularity even after being put in prison courtesy of her lawyer Billy Flynn, who eventually decides to go with the new hot story and takes over Harts case. The two ladies end up fighting to outdo each other on popularity.
In Chicago town, Roxie Hart together with her secret lover identified as Fred enters a nightclub where Velma Kelly, a famous artist is performing. After this show, Vema Kelly is arrested by security officers for murdering her husband after finding them committing adultery with her sister. Apparently, Roxie’s secret lover reveals to her that he had actually lied to her regarding his connection with a popular star in order to sleep with her. At this point, Roxie gets enraged, removes a gun and shoots him, killing him instantly. At home, she convinces her husband Amos, her legitimate husband to take the blame. She tells him that it was a normal burglar and that there was cause for worry, for he will get off the hook. When investigators reveal that Roxie had been having an affair with Fred, Amos refutes his lie and claims that Casey had died when he got home. Roxie is eventually convicted and thrown in prison for the murder. She finds herself with Velma Kelly.
While in prison, the prison matron identified as “mama” connects Velma with one of the most re-nown lawyer Billy Flynn, who subsequently makes her famous from her scandals. Owing to this, Rox also convinces her husband to hire the same lawyer so that she could acquire fame just like her counterpart Velma through her poor fortune. Flynn however, turns out to splashing Roxie’s story and it spreads through the media. Velma and Roxy find themselves fighting over who is more famous than the other.
The music and dancing in this movie is quite appealing. However, the muscled movements by Zellweger regularly come off more spindly than sinewy. On the other hand, Bob Fosse's striking choreography in the movie has no substitute. The musical stage setting in this movie can be described as being privately sensual, erotic and relaxed, courtesy of Bob Fosse. In this movie, the plot appears inseparable from the dance. In my perspective, I was a little bit hesitant about viewing Chicago movie. I really enjoyed this film. Concerning the musical part, Chicago appears to be one of the better productions so far. Generally, the musical and soundtrack from this movie was great.
I would also recommend other people (but not children) to hav...
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