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Poisson Probability Distribution Mathematics & Economics Math Problem (Math Problem Sample)


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Topic: Poisson Probability Distribution
The Poisson Distribution is a discrete probability distribution where the number of occurrences in one interval (time or area) is independent of the number of occurrences in other intervals.
April Showers bring May Flowers!! Research the "Average Amount of Days of Precipitation in April" for a city of your choice.
In your initial post,
Introduce the City and State. Let us know a fun fact!
Tell us the average number of days of precipitation in that city for the month of April.
Cite your Source
What is the probability of having exactly 10 days of precipitation in the month of April?
What is the probability of having less than three days of precipitation in the month of April?
What is the probability of having more than 15 days of precipitation in the month of April?
Write a sentence for each of the probabilities explaining what those probabilities mean in context of days of precipitation in your chosen city. (please explain each step of calculation for your answer)
Would any of the situations be considered unusual? Why or Why Not?


Poisson Distribution
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Poisson Distribution
The city chosen is Chicago in Illinois. In Chicago the average number of days of precipitation in April was 12 days. 86 mm rain was recorded (Anonymous, 2020). The results show that it rained heavily in Chicago in the month of April.
Let X be a random variable that shows the number of days of precipitation in April for the town of Newark.
X is a Poisson distribution with mean, λ =

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