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Interpreting normal distribution. Mathematics & Economics Math Problem (Math Problem Sample)


Log onto website where you can observe your service bill for the last 12 months (electric bill, cell phone bill, water bill, etc.). If you do NOT feel comfortable sharing this data, you can make up values.
In excel, list the values of your bill for the last 12 months on one column.
Find the sample mean and sample standard deviation of your data.
Pick three bills from the last 12 months and change the values into z-scores. What does the z-score tell you about that particular month?
Between what two values would be considered a normal bill? Remember, being within 2 Standard Deviations is considered normal.
Are any of your bills in the last 12 months unusual? Very unusual?
Are there times when you would accept an "unusual" bill? Explain.


Interpreting Normal Distribution
Interpreting Normal Distribution
Sample Data
Electricity Bill for the Year 2019
Month Bill Z-score
January $                150.23 0.322484613
February $                190.00 1.305573445
March $                  80.11 -1.410836707
April $                121.56 -0.386219355
May $                220.00 2.047154158
June $                126.19 -0.271768732
July $                100.25 -0.912988855
August $                131.50 -0.140508946
September $                111.98 -0.623030796
October $                  98.20 -0.963663537
November $                149.87 0.313585644
December $                166.32 0.720219069
Mean $                137.18
Standard Deviation 40.45412654
1. Pick three bills from the last 12 months and change the values into z-scores. What does the z-score tell you about that particular month?
Months Chosen: January, May and October
i. January – The Z-score is 0.322484613 meaning that it is above the mean value for the year. This means that the bill was slightly higher than the monthly average during the year.

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