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The Financial Sector and the Economy Writing Assignment (Math Problem Sample)


Instructions: Using FRED ( download the corresponding data and graph using Excel. Make sure you used the proper type of graph. Include graphs in your word document with corresponding analysis.
1) Go to FRED and print a chart for the Mortgage-backed securities held by the Federal Reserve: All Maturities (MBST) in the US from Jan. 2003 until and including Dec. 2015, monthly frequency, not seasonally adjusted data.
Comment on the interesting features of this chart using concepts seen in class. In particular, point out to what you think are relevant changes before and after the Great Recession.
2) Stay in FRED and, for the time-frame 1991-2014 and monthly frequency (not seasonally adjusted), print out a chart of the Total Reserves excluding Gold of the following countries:
i) Saudi Arabia (TRESEGSAM052N)
ii) China (TRESEGCNM052N)
iii) Japan (TRESEGJPM052N)
iv) Brazil (TRESEGBRM052N)
Graph the evolution of each of these four variables and comment on any interesting features.
Put the chart or graph into Excel or Word when the instructions say print out.


The Financial Sector and the Economy
Institution Affiliation
Mortgaga-Backed Securities (MBS) held by the Federal Reserve: All Maturities (Jan 2003-Dec 2015, Not seasonally adjusted data)
Between 2003 and 2008, there is no data recorded for the mortgage-backed securities in US. However, as from January 2009 to 2015, there is a rising trend (2009-2010), falling (2010-2012) and rising trend (2013-2015). The early 2000s saw the rise of default rates on subprime and adjustable rates for mortgages. The rise of mortgages followed by increasing rate of default led to low lending rate with many US households becoming indebted. The debt-disposable personal income ration came to over 127%. The wavy state of the nation led to unrecorded data. This economic scene peaked with the financial recession of 2008.
The post-recession period beginning 2009 saw strategizing of the gove

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