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Analytical Thinking Assignment: Righteous Theory (Math Problem Sample)


Word limit: 1000 words in total. Answers must be complete sentences. Penalties will apply if you exceed this limit, but if you answer the questions competently it is very unlikely that you will approach this limit. A guidance is given for the maximum number of words you could conceivable use for a question, but it is unlikely you will need the number indicated and there is no penalty for exceeding an individual question’s word limit.

This is a compulsory assessment. If you do not hand it in you will have to complete an alternative assignment for zero marks, or receive an absent fail for ATHK1001. A nonserious attempt will also receive zero marks and require an alternative assessment to be completed. A serious attempt must be written wholly by you and will have identifiable sections addressing questions representing at least 70% of the available marks.


Analytical Thinking Assignment
1A. In an experiment to test the righteous theory, we can test consumers self control to avoid hedonic temptation like impulse buying or eating unhealthy food. Consumers are likely to avoid such temptations and easily fall into the trap of indulgence. They find themselves indulging in order to avoid an evasion form of spending. Many consumers perceive themselves to have deficiencies in indulgence, hence seek for ways to make an adjustment for such imbalance in life. Having such weakness, when they are forced to choose between the two, receiving a future reward and a perceived indulgence or cash, consumers may pre-commit to the extravagance.
B. Alternatively, consumers who cannot exercise self control and indulge in luxuries instead of buying necessities as part of their everyday decision-making process may decide to include some of the luxuries that they feel to be a necessity as part of their budget, especially when the emotional consequences of such commitments are not perceptible.
2A. The fact that the Sydney Opera House is selling their tickets for the upcoming show “Symph choir” via Ticketek is valid because the money collected goes directly to the organizers how are not necessarily part of the Sydney opera house, therefore the revenue is split with the ticketing agency like Ticketek.
2B. When people buy tickets from these agencies, they have to pay double as compared to if the opera house was selling the tickets directly, this means people make payments to cater for all the costs that the organizers may have incurred. This justifies why the Sydney Opera House outsources for ticketing services because they are simply hosting the Symph choir and are not the original organizers.
2C.The above syllogism is not strong by the fact that Ticketek needs to justify and break down the hidden fees and charge. When a consumer makes online booking, Ticketek charges a cost of maybe $7 for emailing the ticket which is just but an attachment. Consumers still have to print the ticket themselves. As compared to sending a ticket on registered post, Ticketek charges approximately $ 11 as compared to the post office services of $ 3.65.
2. D. The chargers are not well explained although they advise the consumer that certain amount is applicable. However, the final cost of transaction fees is not easy to determine until a ticket has reached the owner. Ticket price varies and until one selects the ticket, it's not easy to know how much one will spend. Many people don't understand the charges like labor, dispatch, handling, and the cost of using modern technology that supports the scanning of tickets.

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