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Advertising Analysis and Description Economic Assignment (Math Problem Sample)


Advertising Analysis and Description
For this assignment, you will first choose the advertisement (print or multimedia) that you will use for your Unit 3 Essay. You will use that advertisement to answer the following questions.
Action: What is going on in this ad? Is there any action? If not, what is happening in the image? Who is doing each action? Why is this important?
People/things: Who or what is featured in this ad? If a person, who are they? Describe their race, sex, age, and appearance. What are they wearing, or not wearing? If an object, or anything that is not a person, what is this thing? Describe the appearance, size, and scale (how large or small it is as compared to other things in the advertisement).
Color: Is the advertisement colorful? What colors are used in the advertisement? Are the colors bright or dim? Are different aspects of the advertisement colored in different ways?
Words – spoken or print: What is said in the advertisement? What does this mean? Where are the words located in/on the advertisement? Describe the size, scale, voice, etc. depicting these words.
Sound/Music: Is there music in this ad? Are there additional sounds/words in the ad? If it is a print ad, consider how they make an impact without using sound or movement. Or, is there evidence of implied movement?
What is in the background of this ad? Is it bright or dim? Does it contribute to the advertisement in some way? How does it support/affect the primary images in the advertisement?
Who or what is missing from this advertisement?
Branding: What brand/company is featured in this advertisement? How prominent is their logo, name, etc.? If a commercial, when do you become aware of the brand? If a print ad, how large is the brand?
Consider the logos, pathos, and ethos: What information does this ad convey? What facts, statistics, claims, etc. do they use to persuade? What emotions does the ad appeal to (wants, needs, desires, fears, etc)? How does the ad do this? How does this ad establish credibility? Is the brand a well-known company? Do they have a tagline (such as “S.C. Johnson: A Family Company”)?
What social, political, environmental, and/or cultural issue does this advertisement reference or address?


Advertising Analysis and Description
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April 6, 2019
1 Action:
1 What is going on in this ad?
1 In this series of ads, miniature yet lifelike individuals are taking a break on top of McDonald’s most famous ice creams and sundaes. The main scene is like a beach scene that the audience would easily recognize.
2 Is there any action?
2 Yes, despite being a print ad, there are actions in the ad as demonstrated by the positioning of the characters.
3 Who is doing each action?
3 Each of the characters have their own actions (i.e., woman sliding in caramel)
4 Why is it important?
4 Each of the characters’ actions are important, because it creates a scene in the minds of the audience, despite the fact that this advertisement is printed and thereby stationary.
2 People/things:
5 Who or what are featured in this ad?
5 The ones featured in this ad are miniature yet lifelike characters.
6 Describe their race, sex, age and appearance.
6 The characters are very varied in terms of gender, age, and physique. However, it seems that the race is not varied.
7 What are they wearing or not wearing?
7 All of them are wearing summer attire.
8 Describe the appearance size and scale.
8 Most of the characters are smaller than the regular sundae or ice cream, served by the company. This is shown since the setting is on top of such.
3 Color:
9 Is the advertisement colorful?
9 Yes, the advertisement is very colorful and vivid.
10 What colors are used in the advertisement?
10 Most of the colors used relate to colors of the summer. This was used strategically, with the colors of the products that are being advertised (i.e., caramel sundae)
Are the colors bright or dim?
The colors are bright and vivid.
Are different aspects of the advertisement colored in the different ways?
Yes, each of the advertisement is colored depending on the motif of the product. For example, in the middle advertisement (where the product is brown), the background and the contrast used is in line with such color.
4 Words:
What is said in the advertisement?
The main tagline of the advertisement says “A Little Taste of Summer”
What does this mean?
This tagline means to show that the company’s products are a perfect companion for the how weather of the summer months.
Where are t

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