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Write A Short Interpretation About Osmosis Experiment (Lab Report Sample)


The experiment 1 that I provided, ONLY PART1, and please do not plagiarize.


Osmosis Experiment
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Osmosis is the manner in which particles of a solvent pass through a semipermeable membrane from a solution that has less concentration into one that is more concentrated. The movement neutralizes the solution. This paper highlights the findings of an experiment carried out by students to demonstrate osmosis. Water molecules can enter and exit through small spaces that are found in membranes. Concentration gradient and temperature affect the speed of particles. In the experiment, a dialysis membrane which has small porous holes that only allow small molecules like that of water to pass through is used to test osmosis.
The process involves the use of sucrose and RO H2O, whereby the student gets four bags and four beakers. For the first bag, the content is RO H¬2O while the substance in the glass is also RO H2O. The second bag contains 15% sucrose while the beaker contains RO H2O. The third bag contains 30% sucrose while the glass contains RO H2O. The fourth bag contains RO H2O while the beaker contains 30% sucrose. The student first records the weight of all the bags then dips them in the beaker and make sure they are submerged. The student then removes the bags at 15minutes and weighs them then returns them in the beakers then repeats the weighing at 30minutes, 45miuntes and 60 minutes.
According to the experiment done, for the first bag, the initial weight was 8.3 while at 15 minutes there is an increase of weight to 8.43, then 8.42 at 30 minutes, 8.41 at 45 minutes and 8.44 at 60

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