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Laboratory Exercise 1: The Scientific Method and Hypothesis Testing (Lab Report Sample)


Before you fill in #13-18 below, review Laboratory Exercise 1, "The Scientific Method and Hypothesis Testing". Make sure you are testing only one independent variable.


Course Instructor
Lab Report
13. Hypothesis
Physarum organism thrives perfectly well under dark and damp environment. In this environment it able to undergo all its development stages but is also reliant on the availability of food materials such as the fungal spores and bacteria. With the introduction of light, the organism is likely to go into a dormant stage where it will remain as a large mass multinucleated sclerotium. It will remain in this stage until the environment factors are adjusted for it to become vegetative again.
14. Control Experiment
The control for the experiment is the Physarum that will be in a dark and damp environment. The development of the organism under these circumstanc

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